20.07.2022 - 26.07.2022

A Space for Sound / The Arches Sound Project

A Space for Sound – The Arches Sound Project is a listening space located in the historic centre of Newcastle University, UK. The space brings together temporary sound pieces from a range of practitioners and researchers working across the University. For this year's Walking Festival of Sound a range of artists involved with the festival will be presenting work in The Arches from the 20th-26th July 2022.

Artists include:

Daniela O'Fee Fanfare for Alarum
R. Murray Schafer Okeanos (part 3)
Barry Truax Wave Edge / Solar Ellipse
Hye-Soon SEO The Time Flows... And a Symphony
Jsuk Han Radio Shower
Jacek Smolicki Intertidal Room
Tim Shaw Path of Dependance