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FRIDAY-SUNDAY 11.10 - 14.10.2019

Start: 10.10.2019, 6pm (opening)
Place:The Arches, Quadrangle Gateway, Kings Walk, Newcastle University, UK

The Art of Field Recording / Various Artists

During the Walking Festival of Sound in Newcastle a new listening space at Newcastle University will feature multi channel sound pieces from artists and field recordists.

Artists include:

Martyna Poznańska,
Martin Eccles,
Jacek Smolicki,
Jez riley French,
Pheobe riley Law,
Phill Niblock,
Yvette Janine Jackson
John Bowers,
Tim Shaw,
James Davoll,
Peter Cusack,

The Arches is a new, semi outdoor listening environment at Newcastle University. This unique sound space will play host to a wide range of audio works from artists and researchers working across the University (and beyond).

FRIDAY 11.10.2019, 10am

Start: 10am
Meeting point: under Armstrong Arches, Newcastle University

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Begin to Hear / Martin P Eccles

Begin to hear is a soundwalk that presents an evolving complex location, taking a listener/walker through a 'real' world whilst also presenting them with the sounds of a different world. Begin to hear is based on four walks, two islands and one bird; you will be hearing across 21 days and 2000 miles. As we walk, we will move through a visible world that you can, in part, hear, whilst being presented with the sounds of another, invisible, part real, part constructed space. Sometimes this is clearly audible, sometimes it is not, sometimes it mimics the current real world (for example the sound of the close passing of traffic) and other times it presents a completely incongruent world (a seabird colony). The sum of what you hear is a function of your 'interaction with sound ... taking account of factors like memory, perception, temporality and imagination'.

Martin P Eccles is a walking artist working predominantly in sound and text. His practice aims to reflect the experience of his presence in and walking through natural environments. He uses a range of methods to respond to time, distance and place in the landscape.

FRIDAY 11.10.2019, 1pm

Start: 1pm, Meeting place: outside Newcastle City Library

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Ambulation / Tim Shaw

Ambulation is a headphone-based sound walk that uses adapted field recording equipment and DIY listening technologies to explore the sonic quality of different environments through an expanded performance practice. Ambulation configures field recording as a live, performative act. Each Ambulation event responds to and engages audiences with the interplay between sound and space in a particular location. The performance supports a collective listening experience and considers how recording and performance operate as shared listening practices more broadly. During the forty to eighty minute walk that is the performance of Ambulation I use a variety of listening technologies, which I have adapted to record and manipulate the sounds of the immediate context in real time. The sounds I 'collect' during the walk are broadcast live for the duration of the performance to wireless headphones worn by participants who are walking alongside me. With this set up we walk together along a loosely planned route around the local environment. Using the portable system that I have developed for Ambulation, along the route I record, re-sample and manipulate the soundscapes of the contexts we move through. No pre-recorded material is used in Ambulation, which means that the first time the audience hears a sound is also the first time I hear it as the performer. The event is thus constituted of listening to the environment we are walking through via my improvised sound performance.

Tim Shaw's practice is concerned with the many ways people listen, specifically how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. He has a background in recording sound and his practice is anchored in the creative use of field recordings. He is interested in appropriating communication technologies to explore how these devices change the way we experience the world. Presenting work through musical performances, installations, walks and site-responsive interventions his practice attempts to expose the mechanics of systems through sound to reveal the hidden aspects of environments and technologies. Collaboration plays a central role in his approach. Recently his work has been presented at Cafe OTO, Brighton Dome, New Ear Festival, New York, History of Bosnia Museum, Sarajevo, ARC, Switzerland, bb14, Linz, Stereolux, Nantes, Baltic, Gateshead, Touch Radio, FACT Liverpool, Eastern Bloc, Montreal and The Wired Lab, New South Wales.


FRIDAY 11.10.2019, 7pm

Start: 7pm
Meeting point: the Exhibition Park underpass, underneath the Central Motorway

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The Road to the Holy City / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society

Join the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society on an expedition into the Brasilia of the North to commune with the ghosts of a lost future, journeying along the route of the Central Motorway. Expect the spirits of Newcastle's modernist heyday to be invoked in underpasses, tales of cities that could have been retold beneath flyovers, and search for signs of ghosts as the paths wind their way above, below, and between the levels of Motorway. Was that sound just a car? Or could it be the spirit of T Dan Smith?

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Modernist Society is a local collective of enthusiasts, experts and survivors of Newcastle's modernist history, exploring the legacy of its architecture, city planning and artworks.

SATURDAY 12.10.2019, 11am

Start: 11am,
Meeting point: The Star and Shadow Cinema

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Instructions for Walking Women (workshop: women only*) / Tess Denman Cleaver

Instructions for Walking Women is a growing archive of instructions for walking initiated by artist Tess Denman-Cleaver and written by and for women. It is continuously developed through workshops and interventions in a variety of settings. The first Instructions for Walking Women workshop was held as part of a Sisters Uncut takeover of NewBridge Gallery during Hidden Civil War (2016). Instruction cards created during workshops reveal the way that women experience and navigate public space, and invite consideration of who is allowed to walk where, and how. This workshop, developed for WFOS#2 (Newcastle), will invite women to engage with the existing archive of instructions and to share their own experiences of walking - in the everyday and within the context of walking art and sound-walking practices. Through a facilitated but informal conversation participants will (anonymously) contribute new instructions to the Instructions for Walking Women archive and experiment with ways of activating the archive as a whole. The archive of instructions will be shared with the wider festival audience at programme events following the workshop, and online after the festival weekend. *This workshop is open to all women (trans, intersex and cis) and all nonbinary, agender and gender variant people, according to a gender inclusion policy of self-definition. If you have any questions about the inclusion policy of this workshop please consult the Sisters Uncut Safer Spaces Policy or contact the artist via the festival organisers and Tess will be happy to explain who this workshop is for and why it is a women only event.

Tess Denman Cleaver is an artist whose work spans performance, writing, workshops and installation. Her recent projects have been presented at Vera Baxter (Stockholm), Ovada (Oxford), Hatton Gallery (Newcastle), Workplace (Gateshead), Tate Britain, Tate St Ives, English Heritage, M_HKA (Antwerp) and Turner Contemporary. She is currently Artist in Residence at the Sonic Arts Research Unit (Oxford) exploring relationships between radio technology, language and sound. Tess was the Artistic Director of Tender Buttons theatre and performance company between 2010-2018 and a programmer for The Northern Charter between 2015-2018. She has a PhD on landscape and performance philosophy. She is also the Producer of Tyneside Cinema's.

Projections programme

SATURDAY 12.10.2019, 7pm

Start: 7pm,
Meeting point: St Nicholas Square, Newcastle

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Dog Leap Stairs / Usue Ruiz Arana

Join Usue Ruiz Arana for an evening walk in search of the Dog Leap Stairs' creature that terrorised Newcastle's residents in medieval nights. The walk will take us around Newcastle and Gateshead's old quaysides, and along low frequented paths and stairs sporadically maintained, where nature is allowed a freer hand. In European folklore, there are many creatures such as the one introduced above, part human part animal, or not quite human, that materialised at night, when listening plays a primordial role in the navigation of space. Some of these creatures were harmful, others helpful or harmful depending on human action. In either case, these creatures were an expression of the fear, respect, and fascination for nature held at the time; sentiments still very valid today. Through listening, we might be able to bring those sentiments back to life.

Dog Leap Stairs and Long Stairs at dusk and dawn. Recordings by David de la Haye and Usue Ruiz Arana

Usue Ruiz Arana is a landscape architect and Ph.D. researcher at Newcastle University. Her research is concerned with the role of listening in the affective engagement with the landscape, and the active use of sound in landscape architecture practice.

SUNDAY 13.10.2019, 11am

Start: 11am,
Meeting place: Greys monument

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Please bring your smartphones.

Still Walking / Jacek Smolicki / Fragmentarium Club

At the Walking Festival of Sound, Smolicki invites participants to a listening exercise in a form of a silent walk and participatory soundscape composition. The group will walk through public spaces of Newcastle for about 30-45 minutes while remaining completely silent. Everyone will take turn leading the group. Each time after discovering and listening to an interesting sonic situation, the ears of another participant will continue leading the group further, until all have taken the lead. During the walk, Smolicki will intervene with several micro-performative, site-responsive sonic actions inviting participants to join in by, for example, playing pre-recorded field recordings from their mobile phones. The field recordings to be used during these interventions derive from 'Listening Back, Listening Ahead' a project in which Smolicki explores soon-to-be-gone sonic environments and speculates on what soundscapes might await us in the future. The walk will be followed by a discussion.

Jacek Smolicki is a cross-media artist, designer, researcher and "walker" who traverses intersections of aesthetics, technology, memory, and everyday life. In his design and art practice, besides engaging with existing archives and heritage, he develops new techniques for experiencing, remembering, and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments. He has exhibited, presented his works, performed, and soundwalked internationally (e.g. Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, San Francisco, Budapest, Vienna, Sarajevo). Smolicki holds a PhD in Media and Communciations from Malmö University. He is a founder of Fragmentarium Club, an independent platform uniting enthusiasts of soundwalking, attentive listening, and soundscape documentation in Sweden and internationally.


SUNDAY 13.10.2019, 2pm

Start: 2pm,
Meeting place: Star & Shadow Cinema

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Walking Festival of Sound Record-A-Thon™ / Tyneside Sounds Society

Tyneside Sounds Society are proud to announce their third Tyneside Record-A-Thon™ - a fun, social and flash event for anyone with an interest, both passing or professional, in field recording, phonography and our sonic environment. Bring along your recording device to Star & Shadow Cinema at 2pm on Sunday 13 October. From there you can grab a free coffee and pastry and you'll get a quick briefing. (Star and Shadow Cinema is on Warwick Street in-between Heaton and Shieldfield, the Number 1 bus drops you right outside) You'll then go out into the surrounding area of Ouseburn, Heaton & Shieldfield for 2 hours to capture and record the sounds. Returning to Star & Shadow Cinema for 4pm. You can grab some food at Star & Shadow on your return and also meet/chat/share recordings with other participants whilst TSS folk transfer and upload what you've recorded to Tyneside Sounds Society Soundcloud and the online global sound map - Radio Aporee If you do not have any recording kit don't worry we have a very limited number of devices you can loan for the morning. You need to let us know before hand if you wish to loan a device*. Expert field recorder types will be at the briefing if you need any advice or have any queries about technology or techniques. Beginners, amateurs, professionals - everyone's welcome to take part!

*You will also need to provide ID (passport, driving license etc), proof of address (recent utility bill, bank statement etc) and mobile phone number if you wish to loan kit.

Tyneside Sounds Society is a network of individuals and public programme of events and initiatives dedicated to the recording and interpretation of the aural environment and sound heritage of Tyneside in North East of England. It also broadcasts a regular monthly show on Resonance Extra hosted by producer and museum impresario Michael McHugh


SUNDAY 13.10.2019, 7pm

Start: 7pm,
Meeting place: Armstrong arches

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Returning the Ear / Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki

Returning the Ear is a method for attending to, para-archiving and mediating space through an array of sonic interventions and on-site experiments. Shaw and Smolicki will invite the audience to a soundwalk which will be followed by a performance indoors. They will animate the space with an array of sonic techniques, field recordings and debris collected in public spaces of Newcastle.

Tim Shaw's practice is concerned with the many ways people listen, specifically how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies.

Jacek Smolicki engages with existing archives and develops new modes of mapping, field recording and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments.