Below you will find various texts, graphic scores and links to articles about walking and listening. This repository will be growing during the festival.

MONDAY 05-25.04.2021, 7PM (CET)

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SCORES | OVER BORDERS / curated by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law

This collection began as an idea to share some of our own scores* connected to the act or effects of borders, which we then expanded to include work by others in our creative communities. Artists / composers were asked to send scores that, in some way, referenced borders; social, political, virtual, perceptual, environmental or between species.

*a smaller selection of them are included

Jez riley French Focusing on sound as material and subject riley French'es work over the past four decades has involved installation, intuitive composition / improvisation, scores, film and photography. He also lectures and runs workshops on located sound / field recording as an art form and have developed and expanded the use of extended recording techniques and the role of durational listening. He also works as a microphone builder and a curator. Riley French works extensively on long form recordings of surfaces, spaces and situations and developing the concept of photographic scores and ‘scores for listening’. Much of his research has concentrated on systems of perception and objectification, with a particular emphasis on our (human) attitudes toward our constructed idea of ‘nature’. Aspects of his work have been exhibited or performed at galleries including Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Paradise Air (Japan), Spikersuppa Lydgalleri (Norway), Steklenik (Slovenia) etc. Key works capture the sound of minerals dissolving, ants consuming fallen fruit, buildings vibrating, teleferica’s interacting with locales, the infrasound of domestic spaces, glaciers in Iceland and the tonal resonances of natural and human objects in the landscape.


Pheobe riley Law is currently based in Newcastle and Hull. Her work often explores the documentation and transformation of materials including sound, text, film and reformatted objects. Riley Law is interested in reframing and dismantling narrative, subverting perceived normalities alongside the construction of personal or social behaviours and the inherent patterns of experience. Her recent work includes installations, performances & screenings for Spikersuppa Lydgalleri (Oslo), Baltic (UK), Paradise Air (Japan), LevelOne Hamburg, Funen Denmark, Ftarri (Tokyo), BBC radio 3, Steklenik (Slovenia) etc.